Life isn’t fair!!

Life isn’t fair! How I wish I would’ve understood this concept when I was  younger! I can remember arguing with my parents many times about it not being fair, and them patiently teaching me, and I still remember thinking that it wasn’t fair because they just didn’t understand. See, I knew how to make life fair, I just needed everyone else to get on board. I was a kid, but I knew it all, or so I thought!

Now I have a passionate 10-year-old who thinks life isn’t fair, which is a fair AandTcomplaint since it’s not fair! And just like I once thought, he believes it’s possible!

During one of our spirited debates my son broke down in tears telling me I just didn’t understand, I just needed to listen. How I wished I could have just transferred my understanding to his head at that moment. I wish he wouldn’t have to go through life worrying about whether or not life is fair! I’ve tried to teach him, just like my parents did with me, but he’s not ready to understand, like I wasn’t when I was younger.

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