What’s holding you down?

Last night I had a dream. I was in a crowded swimming pool. Everyone was going back and forth as fast as we could, like our life depended on it. I was struggling to stay afloat and was working so hard while not moving very fast. My parents appeared by my side and started trying to help keep me afloat, they even helped by moving the water with me so that I could move faster. I decided to just focus on moving my legs, they felt so heavy and so I wondered if I stopped using my arms and focused more attention to my legs if I could swim faster, it didn’t seem to help but I did it anyway. I was getting more and more tired until the lifeguard abruptly kicked us all out of the pool. As I got out of the pool I realized I was wearing shorts, pants, and socks still. In my rush to get into the pool, I hadn’t finished preparing myself to swim. During the very long forced pool break I took off my layers and my parents and I discussed using my arms to support me, that by using both my arms and legs I’ll move easier and not tire as quickly. After we were allowed back into the pool I gracefully moved across the water with ease, using my new knowledge and being free from my extra clothes.

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