” I am learning to embrace the drama and be grateful for the drama that God trusted me with and made me strong enough to endure!”

I personally love a good drama. I think we all do or we probably wouldn’t watch a movie, a TV show, or even read a book! They all have some sort of drama, whether it be the jilted love between Emma and Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, the rivalry of Harry Potter and Voldemort, the vengeance sought by Maximus in Gladiator, the playful banter between Benjamin and Andie in How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, and even with Cary Grant you have Bringing up Baby, and Arsenic and Old Lace and many many more that are packed with Drama! Whether it be Comedy, Action or a Romantic story they all have something go wrong and that is what makes the story entertaining!

However, like most, I hate drama in my own life! I guess it’s what makes life interesting, but I much prefer to watch drama than live it. We are all living stories, most people could turn their life into a movie/book and it’d be entertaining. If we all really examined our lives we could figure out who the heroes are, the villains, and the people there to help you through something but are not meant to stay through the story. We could see the main event that we must get through, and see our little victories that add spice to the story! During certain periods my life is like a TV show, each season there seems to be increasingly more drama, to the point you would have the audience thinking it’s too much and so unrealistic! You’ve watched those shows, right? My husband and I will actually start laughing because they push the drama too far! I wonder if my show would be one deleted off the DVR because it’s gotten to be too much drama for some to handle, or too unbelievable, or if it would be one that would be inspiring or funny!

Realizing and accepting our life has to be dramatic makes me wonder if Travis didn’t have cancer, what would our drama be? Would I be able to handle it the same?

I truly believe we were given talents and personalities to handle our trials in the best way possible. It certainly doesn’t make them easy, but maybe a little more tolerable. Those who know Travis know what a mediaholic he is! He loves video games, movies, TV, etc. While having cancer is the worst thing ever, he does have more time to do the things he enjoys! I know others who don’t like to game or watch TV, can you imagine how much more difficult being bedridden would be if you hated media? I am not trying to minimize Travis’ trial at all, but I guess I’m looking at the tender mercies here! I will note that I’ve walked in many times to see him with his headset on, control in his hand, him fast asleep, and the TV just spinning because he fell asleep in the middle of some battle. While he is still able to game his quality of gaming has declined!

Travis and I adore each other and we are blessed with 3 sweet angel children! Those areKids some pretty major blessings! I have literally the best parents in the world that have canceled vacations (including one to Disneyland) just to help us through Travis’ cancer! This is for their son-in-law!! They have made so many sacrifices, they have taken Travis to chemo more than anyone else, made us countless freezer meals (literally filled my standalone freezer full on multiple occasions), spent hours playing with my children, assisted financially, and given emotional support, etc. They truly are a daily blessing. My siblings also have sacrificed, and when I say sacrifice I don’t mean they do what’s convenient with excess time and money, they actually give up time and money to support us. I know that my family is a huge blessing and so I do not discount that while our drama meter is pretty high we are also very blessed!

I hear people say “I hate Drama!” and I feel the same, but Drama is life and life is Drama. I am learning to embrace the drama and be grateful for the drama that God trusted me with and made me strong enough to endure!

Copyright © Stacy Fredericks 2016, All rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Drama

  1. I always say I want life to be just normal, but then I realize I am not even sure what normal is anymore? Maybe in my mind, it is lack of drama, but I wonder if there even is such a thing. I know life is about challenges and facing them the best that we can and it seems challenges go from one thing to another. I will say however, I wish you had a little less drama to deal with in your life.

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