Creating Memories

Recently, we were given an amazing opportunity to create memories in Disneyland. Some anonymous angels gave us a trip and we were free to do with it what we wanted, and we chose to create memories!

We were very blessed to be given a very thoroughly thought out gift. All expenses were paid for and they thought through all the details of traveling. I’m a planner at heart, I like to plan ahead and I like to be prepared for everything. So, I started researching blogs of the best way to make every second count at Disneyland. My goal was to create a “battle plan” to get all the fast passes and determine which direction to go first, it got overwhelming trying to make sure it was going to be perfect! So we then decided to wing it, which seemed a little horrifying to me at first because I am someone who creates an excel spreadsheet for packing. We were just going to go with the flow for the vacation. My mind filled with so many things that could go wrong, but I committed to doing it!

After we arrived in California the kids and I went and explored! We went in to shops and I exploringsaid yes to everything they wanted to do. “Lets look at more legos”…”sure.” “Let’s see what’s down this hall”…”sure, let’s check it out!” The yes’ continued into the next morning. We woke up and started out on our adventure…and guess what? I think we had more fun at Disneyland than anyone else in the park! Okay, hard to say is the happiest place on Earth. I’m not trying to diss on planners, I’m a planner, but sometimes it’s okay to stop creating spreadsheets and just create memories! Standing in line we laughed, we hugged, we talked, we danced, and we created memories! We didn’t ride everything in the park, which we probably could’ve done with some well planned routes because the lines were short, but the memories we created will last forever!

I looked around at one point and noticed some judgmental looks we were getting from others who were impatiently waiting for the ride. Disneyland danceI realized if you aren’t enjoying the lines too then you are missing out! The rides are moments of thrill, but the lines were 15 minutes of being together, with nothing else to do but to enjoy each others company! I heard one person behind us irritated that we hadn’t taken a step forward, because I was taking a picture, the step forward that was barely a step closer to the ride. I wonder what kind of memory were they creating? I found myself spending so much time watching the kids instead of the parade because the pure joy on their faces was so much more fun to watch! What a wonderful memory we created while watching the looks in their eyes as the magic happened!

aiden travSimilarly watching the Super Bowl wasn’t just about the game to me. It was about watching Trav and Aiden bond over the rivalry, watching my Dad interact with Aiden when
Aiden was bummed about his team, watching my Mom play with the toys on the ground with my niece, and watching the cousins play together. While decorating for the party I laughed so hard with my family! We created a memory and it wasn’t really important who won or lost, but it was important that we enjoyed each other and that we love each other.

Today I realized I’m creating memories everyday. What kind of memories am I creating? I wonder how many memories I’ve missed out on because it wasn’t on my spreadsheet or my to-do list! I try every day to focus on Today, but I’m also trying to focus on creating today too! I can’t just wait in line for life to give me memories, but I need to create them today and every day!

Copyright © Stacy Fredericks 2016, All rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Creating Memories

  1. Great post Stacy and you made such a good point. Most of us are too caught up in the details of getting through life to be in the moment and really enjoy where we are and we miss so much as a result. Thank you for the great reminder!


    1. Isn’t it true, we are all racing to the end and for what?! I’ve heard all the cliche lines my entire life, but this year it’s finally clicked for me! It is like the kids were singing on Saturday “We live for moment’s like this!”


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