The First Post

There is so much pressure to write a legendary first post, which I could never do! I was inspired by my very talented mother to start something of my own. She has the ability to take anything and make it into an eloquent story. Her blog, A Southern Sleuth , takes stories of our ancestors and gives them new life, she’s incredible! I started by writing a post for Misses Miscellany titled My husband has cancer. I couldn’t think of anything worth writing to contribute to their site until Travis was diagnosed with cancer a third time, and as my life seemed to be surreal and spinning, I sat down and wrote down my thoughts. It came easy and I sent it off quickly not knowing if they would use it. It was amazingly therapeutic to write, it helped me organize my thoughts and feelings, and I really enjoyed writing it. They posted it and to my surprise it seemed to resonate with a lot of people. It took me months before I submitted another post, in part because I put a lot of pressure on myself to write something grandiose, which I never accomplished, but after Travis gave me a subject and my Mom helped me be less intimidated, I finally wrote something I felt good enough to share (StacyGuiding Our Children Through Trials). In the months in-between posts I wrote 9 other beginnings to posts, and since it is very therapeutic to write them down I decided I will finish them and share here!

So, here I start a site for myself. I hope something I say at sometime may reach someone who needs to feel less alone in supporting a spouse while they fight or inspire someone in their own fight, but really I write this for me and my family as we fight cancer and the world one day at a time!

Copyright © Stacy Fredericks 2016, All rights reserved

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